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Kartoffeln, Kartoffeln und noch mal Kartoffeln (Potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes)

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Andreas’ mom has been visiting us and help me to look after the little guy. It has been great having her with us as the little one loves his Omi (see video) and she has also been feeding us wonderfully with delicious German food. Andreas is in heaven as we have potatoes every night. I’m not complaining either as this is the best I have eaten in ages! It is so nice to have someone to cook for me.

Omi has posted a whole bunch of photos of Kai on her website.

We are also getting excited about our upcoming visit to Ontario where Kai will get to meet all of his cousins. We will be staying at my parents’ place for a month together with my sister Rachel and her son Austin who live in New Zealand. Other than that, we are still working on the breastfeeding — I have fantasies about the day that it won’t hurt. We’re hanging in there though and I’m trying not to get discouraged…

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