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Lake Louise, Part Two

Last weekend, we moved forward on our plan to turn Kai and Gonzalo (our borrowed kid and neighbour) into proper adventure children. We headed back to Lake Louise for another round of fun.

We skied downhill with them for one day to demonstrate our own flexibility in adventure. Both Andreas and I haven’t been on downhill skis since before Kai was born. Andreas is a proud telemark skier, and while he still looks great, some muscles might not be as strong as they once were. In other words, it kicked his butt! I was smart enough to avoid the telemarking, although Andreas once taught me how in the early days of our relationship. I went back to regular old downhill and as long as we took it easy, I was able to get to the bottom of the hill. This experience did remind me that learning these things as a child is a big advantage. My body knew what to do, even though I haven’t downhill skied for such a long time.

In return for the downhill fun, the boys agreed to try snowshoeing and cross country skiing. We took them snowshoeing in Kootenay National Park, not far from Lake Louise. We hiked from Marble Canyon to the Paint Pots (which were buried in the snow).  The boys found the snowshoeing exhausting, but this might be because they stopped every half kilometre or so to devise some structure out of snow or to bury each other in snow.

The cross country skiing also required pauses for building, but overall went well for the first time. The boys both picked it up easily–it really isn’t hard if you don’t care about looking beautiful–and were able to beat our speed easily. But next winter, we should be able to plan a long trip. My dream is that we will be able to ski into Skoki Lodge soon.

Coming soon: Lake Louise, Part Three. We’ve booked March Break there as well.


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