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Turkey and Lego and Bison, Oh My!

The best part of living overseas is meeting other people who are living overseas. The biggest bonus: these people usually like to travel and will likely show up to visit (even if you live in a remote Northern Canadian city!)

This Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have a visit from our friend Thrifty Travel Mama and two of her boys. They ventured up from 35 degrees Arizona to see what Canadian Thanksgiving might be like. Edmonton pulled out all of the stops, showing off with two days of beautiful, warm fall weather. We had a great time showing them the old Edmonton street car, the river valley and our bison neighbours in Elk Island National Park. We even arranged to have a bison block our hiking path, which resulted in our having to jump a fence to get around him. When we had a few minutes off from all of this excitement, we ate turkey and the boys built forts and lost themselves in Lego worlds.

Hopefully, it was exciting and deceptively warm enough that they will come to visit again!



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