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Baby Kai – Who Art Thou?

  Baby Kai has been squirming around inside of me for months and yet I feel that I don’t really have any sense of him. It feels like we are bodymates — we are sharing the same belly yet I don’t feel that he is a part of me exactly. Andreas and I often wonder […]

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The Final Countdown

No, no baby yet Our official due date is May 11 – Thursday. Not that that means much as only about 5% of women have their babies on the date that they are given. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and if the little guy hasn’t shown […]

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The First Trimester – The Panic

As I sit down to write this, I am only days away from giving birth. Today is Sunday and if the baby doesn’t arrive by Wednesday, the doctor is going to induce labour. Test=Positive While the nine months may have seemed quick for those of you who weren’t pregnant, the time did not fly by […]

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