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Turkey and Lego and Bison, Oh My!

The best part of living overseas is meeting other people who are living overseas. The biggest bonus: these people usually like to travel and will likely show up to visit (even if you live in a remote Northern Canadian city!) This Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have a visit from our friend Thrifty Travel Mama […]

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Screw you, heatwave!

We are stuck in the European heatwave in a country where there are few air-conditioned buildings. The last four days have hovered around the 37-degree mark. Ouch! So we’ve been trying to be creative about how to escape the heat, especially since Andreas’ mom was down from Hamburg on a visit. On Friday, we hit […]

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Hiking in Swabia

We are wrapping up two weeks of school vacation here (Pfingstferien). We’ve mostly taken it easy with Andreas and I continuing to work and Kai in sports camp for the two weeks. I really don’t think that Kai has ever been so active in his whole life.  After a full day of running around and […]

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