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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Our First Excursion

Kai went on his very first hike yesterday. We went for a long walk through Miquelon Lakes Provincial Park which is about an hour away from Edmonton. Kai slept the entire hike and missed seeing his very first beaver. Dad pushing Kai through the birch forest Not too thrilled about a diaper check…

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Milk Drunk Love

Our very, very favourite Kai moments so far occur when he has filled his belly with breast milk. It is an amazing thing to watch a baby get completely intoxicated on milk. And he acts intoxicated. You can pick him up and lift his arms and try to burb him and all you get is […]

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Sleep and Poop and Food

We have been in the adjustment phase the last few days. There is a lot for us to learn, it seems. Two or three days ago (time is a bit blurry at this point), I had my hormonal crash. Everyone tells you to expect it. Apparently, your estrogen level drops from the pregnancy levels to […]

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