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Winter has arrived

After several years of ignoring winter, Andreas and I decided that we had to get back on our skis again. For a few years, it was tough as Kai wasn’t interested and he was also too big to throw in a sled. This problem has now been solved: a week of skiing lessons over the Christmas holiday turned Kai into a winter-loving kid. We quickly scheduled our first official winter adventure in Lake Louise before he lost interest.

Kai and his friend Gonzalo took downhill skiing lessons at the Lake Louise Resort while Andreas and I got back into our cross-country groove. (We’d been training for the past month in Edmonton so that it wouldn’t completely kill us.)

The photos show Kai and Gonzalo’s progression: 360 degree turns at the end of the three days. Wha???  (They are now better downhill skiers than I am…) Andreas and I skied along the old highway 1a, across Lake Louise and up to Moraine Lake. We pretty proud of that last one because our old “round” bodies were able to ski uphill for 2.5 hours…

We also skated on Lake Louise — amazing lighting=some amazing photos.

Kai gave this weekend a 10/10. Gonzalo gave it 9.5/10 due to some issues with the blankets at the hostel. We agreed: it was that awesome. We have now booked two more trips to Lake Louise before the winter is up.

christiane hamannFebruary 2, 2016 - 2:55 pm

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

das sind ja tolle Winterbilder! Eis und Schnee in Mengen am Lake Louise! Wunderbar, dass Ihr alle Ski lauft und sogar Schlittschuh! Haben wir früher auch gemacht! Wie lange ward ihr dort? Kai sieht Klasse aus mit seinem Helm, sein Freund auch!

Ganz viel Spaß euch allen und “Ski heil!”


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