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I am a mammal

I was commenting to Andreas today about how physical the experience of motherhood is for me (and every mother, I’m sure). Yesterday afternoon, right on schedule, my milk came in. It was amazing as all of a sudden my breasts expanded like balloons and were leaking milk. Unfortunately, the down side to this was that […]

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The Birth Story

Labour = Torture Having survived the ordeal, I realize now that nothing can prepare a woman for the intensity of labour. Nothing I read or heard came even close to the experience. My discomfort hiking the Milford Track was just that: discomfort… Now looking back it seems that I did read that labour pain has […]

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Kai arrived

After 7 hours of hard work, we are a happy if slightly exhausted family! Below a nice photo taken right after delivery by our Doula. Kai’s favorite occupation is the same as his dad’s for the most part. Making faces while asleep: Nancy is doing very well after a natural delivery of a little big […]

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