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My father is a cro-magnon

Well, for that matter, I am cro-magnon too it turns out. As part of my journey into my origins, I thought it might be fun to have my DNA tested to see where exactly I did come from. This is becoming quite common in genealogy circles and the tests are getting better and cheaper so […]

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Welcome to bipedalism!

Oh, I have been bad about updating the blog, that’s for sure. So I thought that I had better post a quick update before everyone loses interest in the lives of Kai and Pixel! There is a lot going on here. After my grandmother’s death, I set out to put together a book of photos […]

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Farewell, dear grandmother

  EPH Originally uploaded by n_and_a.It is with much sadness that I report that my dear grandmother passed away yesterday. She was 92 years old and, while her death was no surprise, I will miss her greatly. I would not have gotten a chance to know my grandmother as well as I did had two […]

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