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It’s August – Go North!

In August, we headed north to Hamburg and up to the North Sea coast. These places have a lot of significance for Andreas’ family. His mom’s family settled in Norden (near the North Sea) after the war, and Andreas and Conny have lots of good memories of visiting the area and their grandmother during their childhood. Andreas really wanted Kai to experience a North Sea vacation with lots of biking and sandy beaches: Mission accomplished!

We stayed in Norden in the apartment where Andreas’ grandmother used to live. Here we ate Fischbrötchen, flew kites, and had a look at all of the lighthouses and windmills with Conny, Karsten, Christiane and Fritz.

Almost every second day, we would head to one of the North Sea islands, all which have beautiful long sandy beaches. Cars are limited on these islands so we would either bring our bikes or walk, depending on what was allowed. You can see the beautiful beaches in our photos. K&K&J&J joined us for these adventures, and the three boys had a great time in the sand and in the muddy tidal flats.

No family trip to the North Sea is complete without a visit to Cuxhaven, where Andreas’ two aunts live. Andreas’ cousin Claudia was also there with her two children. We spend the day with them in Bremenhaven, exploring the tall ships that were docked in the harbour.

We topped off our trip north with a stop in Stuttgart on the way back to Freiburg. Our friends Dietmar and Alice have a garden in Stuttgart, and we toured around the Swabian Jura with them, looking at caves and castle ruins.

And that was a wrap on our summer in Germany!

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