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First Solid Food

Yesterday we tried for the first time to give Kai some solid food (well solid is not exactly the right word), and his response was a mixture of astonishmnet and a variety of other internal reponses. Nancy had the foresight to make me tape this: Requires Flash Player v8. Next day, we figured that food […]

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The Big Belly Laugh

Kai has a whole host of new tricks these days– the most endearing of which is the big belly laugh (see videos). He seems to find Andreas hilariously funny and cracks up every time Andreas talks to him. He is also grabbing everything in sight. Special favourites are of course Mom’s glasses and Papi’s nose. […]

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He did it!

After much grunting, groaning and practice, Kai finally rolled over today from his back to his front. Go Kai go!

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