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Tour de France (and Germany and Switzerland)

Another month in Europe gone…

Some minor and major adventures this month.


We did our first family bike tour ever to Reichenau, an island on Lake Constance.  Kai is still a bit shaky on his bike, unlike the German children his age so we have been looking for every opportunity to practice.  Reichenau was lovely — some beautiful churches and gardens.  We added a small hike to our day and checked out the Marienschlucht, a gorge on the shore of Lake Constance.  Kai was pretty knackered by the biking, but got his second wind when we found the castle ruins.

Northern Germany

Kai had a two-week holiday this month (sounds weird, but then he has to go to school all of July too!).  Unfortunately, this year’s holiday fell exactly when Andreas had to return back to Canada for a meeting.  So Kai and I headed to Northern Germany alone for a visit with Andreas’ mom and his aunts and cousin.  Great fun with the cousins as usual!

Southern France

We also took the opportunity to visit my former exchange family in Southern France.  It was lovely to see my exchange partner and her sister again–it had been over 20 years since we last saw each other.  I was relieved to find out that I hadn’t forgotten all of my French, although it is pretty rusty.  I got to practice interpreting as Kai attempted to talk about Minecraft to my exchange family’s children.  I now know how to say creeper in French.  (Creeper with a French accent).  Andreas drove the car down to meet us and we visited Cavalière (beach photos), St. Tropez (sailboat photos), and the Island of Porquerolles (fantastic!).


My childhood friend Alison lives in Geneva with her family and we stopped here on the way home after driving through the Gorges de la Bourne and having a look at the Grotte de Choranche.  I hadn’t seen Alison for over a decade, and we had never met our respective families.  In other words, it was great catching up.  Additional photos in this series from our trip home and our stop at the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva.

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