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Mainau and the best playground in the world

Another trip to Stein-am-Rhein, Konstanz and Mainau!

This has become a classic tour for us when we have guests (see here and here) . This time, we travelled this route with Dave and Bridget, our travelling buddies for the summer.

This is a good tour, although this time we were foiled by bad traffic in Konstanz and heat.  First stop is Stein-am-Rhein, a quaint town in Switzerland that is not far from the German border.  From there, you drive along the south shore of the Untersee to Konstanz.  Hang out in Konstanz for a while — along the harbour there are some nice restaurants and walking.  I wanted to make it to the Hörnle beach this time; however, that is just too much for one day.  You could easily split this tour into two days and overnight in Konstanz. (You could easily add a tour of the Hohentwiel ruins into the tour to make it a full two days).

Last stop is the Insel Mainau, a garden island just a few kilometres away from Konstanz.  After 5 pm, it is half price to get onto the Island; however, Dave and Bridget said that they would happily have paid full price.  The main attraction on Mainau is the fabulous playground.  Kai has dubbed it the best playground in the world, and it is hard to disagree with him.  We lost him to the playground for several hours!

View Freiburg-Stein am Rhein-Konstanz-Mainau in a larger map

We didn’t take too many photos this time around, but here are a few of Kai having fun:

Dave and Bridget’s photos are here.


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