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Gauchachschlucht Hike

Last year, our last adventure in Freiburg was a hike to the Wutachschlucht (Wutach Gorge).  This year, our last trip was to the Gauchachschlucht, a sister gorge to the Wutach.  This was truly a lovely, lovely hike.  Because you are in forest for most of the hike, it is great for a hot day.  It is much less travelled than the Wutachschlucht and we hardly saw a soul the whole day.  Of course, no hike is Germany is complete without ice cream, and fortunately you can get ice cream in the middle of the wilderness about half way through the hike.

It is a bit challenging for kids for two reasons.  1) The terrain is rough.  Kai loves this, but I had a few moments when my heart was beating a bit faster.  2) It is long.  Kai managed the 11.5 km, but it was at the edge of his abilities.  Still, he was pretty proud of himself for having managed it all by himself.  We deemed it a double ice cream day and that helped to motivate him.  At the end, he said it was the best adventure he had ever had.

A map of the hike with my notations is below.  If you want a shorter hike, I would drive to the second ice cream location (More ice cream!) and walk in from there.  You might be able to get much farther down into the gorge on the road beside the restaurant, but I don’t know for sure.  The really lovely part is to the north of the first ice cream location.

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Here are the photos:

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