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The Ravennaschlucht hike

Andreas’ post doc Dave and his wife and son (Bridget and Finn) have joined us in Freiburg this year.  Yay!  They will also be joining us in Berkeley.

Fortunately for us, they also like to hike.  Unfortunately for us, they are way fitter than we are.  We were able to keep up on our first hike together to the Ravennaschlucht (Ravenna gorge).  This gorge is located in Hell’s valley where the hills of the Black Forest begin.  It was quite a lovely hike down into the gorge and then back up.  There are several historical saw mills along the way.  We were surprised to find a historic rope making factory at the bottom of the valley.  A tour guide took us through the rope-making process and helped us make some rope.  You will notice Finn pulling Kai with the rope, and Kai transforming into Indiana Jones with the rope.  Seems like the rope is now a permanent part of our hiking equipment.


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