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On our way to Europe, Kai and I had a two-day stopover in Iceland.  Andreas and I have visited Iceland before and we loved it.  We loved the raw, empty landscape and our friends Alex and Addy live in Reykjavik so it is an ideal destination.  When we discovered that IcelandAir was going to be the cheapest flight we could find to Europe, I jumped on the chance for a weekend there with Kai.

Although Kai was suffering from lack of sleep from the flight, we still managed to enjoy our tour to Geysir and Gullfoss. He was very impressed by the geyser.  He has, however, been recently suffering from nightmares involving volcanoes and lava!

We got a chance to see Alex and Addy and their three kids, eat lobster soup, and enjoy the view from their apartment.  We are already planning our next trip back to Iceland next summer (be warned: Alex and Addy!)

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