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Arrival in Germany!

And we are back!

In case you are confused about where we live, don’t worry so are we.  The deal is this:  Smarty Pants Andreas now has a research project that means that we can spend the next few summers in Freiburg.  We are going to be shuffling back and forth between Germany and Canada every year.  This year is extra complicated, however, because Professor Smarty Pants got another research grant to do work in Berkeley, California.  We’ll be there for the second half of the summer.

We are pretty happy about this.  (Actually, I can’t quite believe that I’m so lucky to get to lead this life.  Thanks Professor Smarty Pants!)

In any case, here are some photos from our first stop in Germany: Hamburg.  We caught up with Christiane, Conny and Karsten, German coffee, and Christiane’s excellent cooking.

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