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Over the river and through the woods…

Spring is in full force here which means that we are getting out and about every weekend.  Our weekday routines involve kindergarten, writing (for me and Andreas), computer geeking and Lego building (no one escapes this one!).  I have developed a list of weekend tours and we pick one we like and off we go!  The photos below are some of our recent adventures.

Walking around Freiburg

I realized that I didn’t want to go home without a photo album full of photos of Freiburg itself.  Here are a few.  I plan to add to this throughout the spring and summer. We have some new hiking partners: one of Andreas’ students and his family have joined us for six weeks in Freiburg. These photos were taken as we showed them around.


Biking in the Kaiserstuhl and hiking up to the Staufen ruins

This adventure started out badly.  Kai and I were in a bad mood, and Andreas just wanted to bike.  Poor Andreas.  The biking adventure got cut short, but we rescued the day with a trip to Staufen, home of Faust and the ruins of a castle which preside over the town.

Walking from Sulzburg to Staufen

This weekend we managed a big hike (for Kai’s little legs).  We walked from the town of Sulzburg to the town of Staufen (home of those great ruins).  There are some rather modest ruins above Sulzburg but once you reach them you have the Staufen burg in your sights for the rest of the hike.  Highlights: coming across pieces of the Berlin Wall, the slide from hell, the stinging nettles and the fact that Kai walked more than 6 km!  (P.S. Note that we are debuting some photos by Kai himself!)

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