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Climbing over the ruins of the Hochburg

Every weekend we go through the same ritual.  Kai and Andreas clean up a week’s worth of Lego creations, Kai begs to build Lego all day long, and we agree as long as we have at least one “adventure” on the weekend.  Our “adventures” are usually little day trips to the surrounding areas around Freiburg. When “adventure” day rolls around (usually Sunday), Kai has forgotten his side of the bargain and quite adamantly refuses to budge from his Lego paradise.  We cajole and coerce, and we usually have to drag Kai kicking and screaming to the car.  We soothe him with a fresh pretzel from the bakery, and off we go.  Once we have reached our destination and we get Kai outside, it takes about five minutes for all resistance to be forgotten.  Suddenly, Kai is having the most fun he has ever had.

Yesterday’s excursion was no exception.  We found a good hiking book, and I picked the hike with the best ruins I could find.  (Nothing makes me happier than ruins!)  We brought along Marija, one of Andreas’ doctoral students from Canada who is visiting Freiburg.  It was a beautiful spring day and amazing ruins.  The Hochburg was a medieval castle destroyed in the 17th century.  Although it is only about 20 minutes from Freiburg, it isn’t a big tourist destination which means you get to crawl all over the ruins.  Kai was in heaven playing hide and go seek and running through the sewers and dungeons of the castle.  So much for hating to go on adventures!

GarnetMarch 6, 2012 - 5:07 am

Just checke in and saw some new pictures.. Very nice. LIke the various lens you have. We are starting to get some winter now that spring is upon us. It is finally white here now and a big storm crossing central Sask tonight with roads closed inAB south of Calgary. 290 cm expected in central SK tonight and tomorrow. Should melt fast.

Have a pint for me please

NancyMarch 11, 2012 - 2:17 pm

I don’t drink beer (which may disqualify me from being a Burke!), but I’ll make sure that I get my husband to drink a nice German beer for you!. Heard that is is warm on the prairies right now!

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