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Germans gone wild

The second week of our Christmas marathon was as exciting as the first.  On the 25th, we travelled to Cuxhaven on the coast of the North Sea in order to visit Andreas’ aunt Lieselotte. Kai was very perturbed that he was being asked to leave his newly-acquired Lego airport behind.  Only the double-decker train could convince Kai that all was not lost on this trip.  The fun, however, was not over.

On the 26th, we had Kaffee and Kuchen with Fritz and his family in a suburb of Hamburg.  On the way back to Christiane’s, Kai lay on the floor of the S-Bahn in resignation.  All he wanted was to play Lego and we were dragging him all over Northern Germany.  Alas, the fun was still not over.

Uncle Sigi, Uncle Gert and Tante Renate rescued the day at the family reunion in Bremen on the 28th.  I didn’t think that Sigi could top last year’s whoopee cushion, however, the remote control whoopee cushion did raise the bar.  It was Gert and Renate, however, who made the day unforgettable for Kai.  For years, they have been keeping their boys’ Lego sets waiting for the right kid to come along.  Kai walked away with a suitcase full of Lego.  He couldn’t quite believe it.  (Neither can I — I don’t really know how this kid is going to get all this Lego back to Canada!)

The suitcase of Lego did go a long way to soothing Kai’s resistance, especially when he learned that we were off again to Kiel. We spent a lovely few days in Kiel where I learned that both Andreas and his sister Conny are serious pyromaniacs.  After Christmas, all of the supermarkets offer fire crackers and fireworks for sale and we had to go back several times for more because Andreas and Conny had to “demonstrate” for Kai how everything worked.  On New Year’s Eve at midnight, it was pure madness.  Although I have been here before for NYE, I have never quite experienced the down-on-the-ground insanity of hundreds of German families lighting off fireworks.  I don’t know if the video quite captures it, although it did capture Andreas lobbing some firecrackers my way.

New Year’s Eve in Germany from anhamann on Vimeo.

All of this NYE fun reminded me that there is a wild side to them here Germans!

We were back in Freiburg on the 3rd, and Andreas has been in bed recovering from the madness every since.

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