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Dear Friends,

We have finally finished our long overdue blog renovation.  We have moved our blog from its old home at Blogspot to this new address.  We had hoped to complete this change in time for our move to Germany, but we didn’t quite make it.  Nevertheless, here it is!

For those of you who are new to our blog, we began this site to chronicle our lives as parents.  We started in May 2006 and the entries tell the story of our pregnancy, the birth of Kai, our obsession with our cat Pixel, and our travels.  At the beginning, I posted a lot.  In the last few years, I have posted less, but maybe I can turn this around.  For many years, we have also had a site for our photos which was separate from the blog.  We have decided to merge these into this one site.  I think that will make it easier for us to maintain!

In August 2011, we began our sabbatical year in Freiburg, Germany and our lives in Europe have generated many photos already.  So many in fact, that we got overwhelmed and it took me several days to make my way through the thousands of photos we have taken.  I have posted them here in chronological order, but I know that no one has seen them.  So here’s a list of all that is new…  It is pretty much our entire collection of photos from the last year.  It’s too much I know, but maybe you will find something of interest by picking through the list :-).  The highlights in terms of travel in Europe have been our trip to Alsace, Christiane’s visit, a day trip to Lucerne, our trip to Utrecht, and our excursion to the Black Forest with Conny.

Hope you enjoy these!

Nancy, Andreas & Kai

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