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Christmas 2008

>As usual, things have not been quiet in our household. We made it through the tough fall semester holding our own. None of us got sick, and the weight of all of the work didn’t seem that heavy this year. Andreas still worked long hours, however, the courses he taught this semester were much more satisfying. I didn’t mind my time alone with Kai, mostly because Kai has turned into a great little chatterer who has much to say. Most of it has to do with cars, trucks, and now gondolas, but we are always surprised at the things that he throws into the world.


To take advantage of the pre-high season rates, my parents came out to Alberta in early December to spend two weeks with us. We spent one week in Banff (where Kai learned about gondolas) and the rest of the time in Edmonton. Kai was mightily impressed with “Chumpa’s” car: a minivan rental. As he was sitting up high, he could see out of the window and could consequently inform us every time a car drove by — a frequent occurrence on a busy highway. We were very grateful for the grandparent time as Andreas and I actually got to have a day of backcountry skiing without a 30lb weight in the backpack.

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Not too much excitement for us this Christmas. We stayed at home and took away Kai’s diapers. It was the “rip-off-the-bandaid” approach to toilet training which mostly worked. We are, however, having some issues with the “big business” as they would say in German. Kai has been holding it in until … until… a big mess results. Nonetheless, he is doing great, and when we had guests over after Christmas he took great delight in showing everyone his Diego potty and his pee.

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First time on skis

Edmonton has been enduring a deep freeze since early December. It has been hovering between -20 and -30 for a month. This is, of course, terrible if you have an active two-year who needs to burn off energy outside. Today, however, it went up to a balmy -2. It was the perfect opportunity to try out Kai’s new skis. He was really great, although it turned out to be a lot of work for his parents!



2009 looks like it will be a promising year for us. I am almost done my degree and the last course is a course on creative and journal writing. Smells like freedom to me! Andreas only has one course to teach this semester and it is a old standard. It only needs to be dusted off. So far, the daycare germs have been kept at bay. (Knock on wood). So all in all, it feels like we have turned a corner towards a less stressful existence. Woo hoo!

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