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Catching up…

Happy New Year, everyone! Whoops, seems like keeping up the blog isn’t so easy in times of stress… We have been insanely crazy busy and had a difficult month of December as I managed to get sick and stay sick for almost the entire month. Being working parents sure ain’t easy.

That being said, I think that we have settled down into a nice rhythm now. Kai is quite happy in daycare (despite the constant runny nose) and I am enjoying my new job. I am getting to fulfill my geekiness by working on the regional intranet site and I am going to get to test my managerial skills as we hire some temp help to migrate the site over to a new system. I am very busy with VIP visits, especially since our Minister lives in Calgary and likes comes home every weekend.

(Uh… Sorry about the vacuum cleaner in the video. The cuteness wasn’t well timed…)
And of course, I am still working on my Master’s in Communication and Technology. I am half done the course work now. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying the experience of being a student again. Even though this adds a bit more stress to our lives I wouldn’t give it up for anything! This semester I have one and a half courses so it might be a little bit more work, but in the end all I am giving up is TV!

Andreas finished off his semester well, and I think that his students were happy with both of his courses. The new semester is busy and it isn’t unusual for Andreas to work six days a week. March promises to be especially crazy because Andreas is teaching three times a week. This is his second time, however, teaching this course so we can hope that it isn’t as stressful this time round.

We both took the Christmas break off with the intention of going skiing in Jasper. However, reason took over (funny how long it took for us to get to this point) and we decided instead to take Kai to daycare when we could and to go skiing from here instead. I think that it was the best vacation we have had in a long time. Especially since we were able to spend hours playing with our new toy: a brand new iMac. I am totally in love with the new machine…

When I have a second to spare from parenting, work and school, I have been continuing to do my genealogy research. I seriously love this stuff. It is like being an internet detective and behind it all are fascinating life stories. I would do this full time if I could, but alas, I don’t think that I would make much money! Still, I look forward to Andreas’ sabbatical when I will get a chance to do a project of my own while I am not working! Only three more years! I started another blog for my genealogy research if anyone is interested: I figured that I wouldn’t bore all my friends with stuff that is interesting only to family members πŸ™‚

Kai is doing all of the things that toddlers do. He is talking (German and English) and he is getting into lots of trouble. He is overly enthusiastic about his love for our cat Pixel which usually ends with some hissing and a playful swat. He loves flushing the toilet and can even say “Klo” (German for toilet). His favourite toys are the train set and throwing balls, although I have been working on playing with the baby (i.e., a doll). We have a hard time keeping him busy and are very happy that the daycare does such a good job! Here are some recent photos:

So in all, things aren’t as crazy as they used to be and we are adapting (finally) to our lives as parents and our lives in Edmonton. I think that I can safely say that the dust has settled.

We don’t have too much planned for the upcoming year. We are looking forward to our wedding in June. It will be in Waterton, a lovely resort town in the Rockies. It is going to be a small wedding, just immediate family and the wedding party, mostly because that is all we manage to plan at this point. I’m sure the occasion will be well documented and that we will share photos and video on the blog πŸ™‚

So all of the best to everyone for 2008. I’ll try to update the blog once a month over the next little while…

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