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A Tale of Two Kais

The Two Kais

Several months ago, our babysitter Erica told me that while she was on the playground down the street from us with Kai, she met another mother with a Baby Kai. A couple of months later, I went to a baby story time session at the library and lo and behold there was the other Kai and his mommy. We struck up a conversation and it turns out that the other Kai’s dad is also German and also works at the university. Christoph and LiJuan are in Canada from German for a few years as Christoph does a post-doc at the university.

In any case, the two Kais have since down a few things together and we invited them over for Thanksgiving. There is a bit of rivalry between the two boys and there was some toy stealing going on until they discovered their mutual love of our spice drawer. Every bottle was carefully removed and taken to our coffee table where it was stacked most professionally by the other Kai!

Getting into the routine

In the last months we have mostly been busy trying to find a routine in our lives now that I have gone back to work. Suddenly, there is just not enough hours in the day to do what we want to do. The beginning of the semester entailed a lot of work for Andreas as he is teaching two classes this semester. Once that settled down Andreas got the flu which he just couldn’t shake. I think that he was just simply exhausted from all of the work and from trying to keep the household going this summer when I was immobilized by depression. He is now finally better and we are putting a lot of effort into trying to lead sane lives. We have been getting a babysitter every few weeks and going for dinner which has made us realize how a couple of hours without our little monkey really do help improve our sanity!

Mountains make us happy

We also decided that we need to get to the mountains more often. My sister Susan was long overdue for a visit to Edmonton as she had never been here so we invited her to join us for a long weekend. We drove up to Jasper and went hiking for a day near the Columbia Icefields. It was extremely wintery, but lovely. We got to see two nice big horned sheep from very close up. Kai was a real trooper and put up with all of the excitement very well. More photos are here.

Now we are looking forward to Christmas, and we are actually hoping for some snow in Edmonton so we can get out skiing!

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