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The trial and tribulations of a working "baa"


One month down. Kai has now been in daycare for a full month. I was told that it would take them about a month to get used to the routine and I would say that that was about right. The first few weeks were truly awful for both Kai and me. There were tears on both sides and the separation was terrible. Fortunately, I was only working part-time for the first three weeks of September and I only started back full time last week.

In any case, I realized that everything would be alright the day that I showed up and Kai was eating an ice cream cone and refused to leave before he finished it. Come on mommy! He is in a room with five other children and two adult leaders. They have a theme each week and they do lots of activities around this theme such as sing songs, read books and scribble on paper. Last week’s theme was dogs and this week’s theme is cats. Kai has fully grasped these concepts and says “mow” and “oof”.

Kai’s other full-time word is “baa” which is, apparently, my name. We are not too sure where this came from, as he is quite capable of saying mama, but he has chosen instead to name me baa. Whenever he wakes up and I am not in the room, I hear this “baa?” and then little feet on the ground as he opens the bedroom door to find me.

Pixel was quite delighted to have me to herself when I was off in the afternoons in the early part of September. It was like the old days before the little guy arrived and I was showered with the same time of adoring affection which I used to receive from Pixel. Alas, now that I am full time Pixel doesn’t get me to the extent that she would like. (As I write she is meowing at me).

My new job is going very well and I am really enjoying my new department: Industry Canada. I never thought that I would have to learn about market forces, GDPs, and energy royalties, but here I am. And I am enjoying it much more than I anticipated.

Other than that, Andreas is working quite hard — 60+ hours a week and we are trying to figure out how to make that easier for him. We finally got ourselves outdoors this week and went on a gorgeous hike with our friends Anne, Geoff and Jasper. Photos of the trip are here.

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