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The Slo-mo-dem and other long overdue stories

OK, OK, I know that I have horribly neglected the blog in the last two months. My main excuse is that our broadband modem broke down and it took a month for us to replace it. It was a long drawn out month with no good internet access. The geek family totally suffered. However, Telus finally came through with a replacement and we are now better than ever.

Still, I have some catching up to do on the blog. So here goes. We got home from Germany mid-July to a very hot and summery Edmonton. Lovely. Kai discovered the joy of the playground close by which has a water park and in which he could get nice and muddy.

Two weeks after our return from Germany, Kai and I went to Ontario for a week and a half. There we spent one weekend with Susan and Jek et al. and we had a mini family reunion with Aunt Debbie and Hunky Uncie and Cousin John, our third cousin whom I found in my recent genealogy research. I barely saw Kai this weekend as he played constantly with Nicole and Brayden. It was lovely. I also got to see Neill who has made the big move from Vancouver to Toronto.

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From Susan and Jek’s we went to London and then on to Bayfield where we met up with Paul, Julia, Simon, and Klara. Klara “Lucky Seven” was born on July 7 of this year and she is a very delicate beautiful little baby. Simon and Kai took a while to warm up to each other, but we were very happy to see them chasing each other at the end of four days in Bayfield.

After another quick visit in London, we were off to Toronto for our flight home. And no sooner were we home than we were off for our last trip of the summer to Vancouver and Whistler. In Vancouver, we stayed with Parisa and Arash who are expecting their first child in December. We passed on lots of hints :-). We tried to see anyone who was available, but sorry if we missed you – we’ll be back. We had a great time in Whistler where Andreas had a conference. We caught up with Jacqueline and Greg and Kai got to hang out with their son Kieran who is 13 and who Kai thought was the funniest person alive.

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Although we have hardly been home all summer, I have been fighting waves of depression. Turns out that I am just not happy being a stay-at-home mom. I have had hugely conflicting feelings about this, but I think that I have finally come to terms with the fact that this doesn’t mean that I am a bad mom, it just means that I am a bad housewife. Being at home alone with Kai drained me in a way that I didn’t expect. I felt isolated and useless and sad for a good part of the last few months. Motherhood precipitated a huge identity crisis for me and I was no longer sure who I was. Poor Andreas. Poor Kai. So in the best interests of my family it was clear that I need to go back to work.

Kai has a spot in daycare as of September 4th. All this week we have been taking him to the daycare to get him used to it. Mixed results. He loves the toys, hates the food. However, the daycare people are very nice and sweet and it is supposed to be one of the best daycares in Edmonton. I’m confident that he will adjust after a few weeks.

I have been looking forward to getting back to my job at Public Works, however, in a surprise turn of events, it turns out that I will be moving onto another department. I had applied on a IS-04 (Senior Communications Advisor) position at Industry Canada several months ago, but the competition had been cancelled due to a reorganization of the department. The reorganization is now over and they were looking for someone to do a one-year assignment. They still had my resume and gave me a call. It was an offer too good to pass up as I will be doing internal communications and the intranet and there is no travel involved. The only bad thing is that I will have to go back full-time which was not my original intention. However, given the schedule at daycare is so jammed-packed, I think that Kai will adjust just fine. Plus I am only 5 floors above him all day long in case there is an emergency.

Still, next week promises to be one of tears and fatigue as the family adjusts to our new schedule. Unfortunately, Andreas is gone on a conference next week as well so I will be missing his emotional support. Errr… Well, finger crossed and hopefully I will be able to handle my work/mommy duties.

I’ll keep you posted!

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