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Fish bonanza!

We got back last night from our tour of the North Sea coast of Germany. We spent the first week in Norddeich (North Dike). Andreas’ mother grew up in this area of Germany and Andreas and Conny spent many summers here as children. Christiane’s brother Siggi and his wife Helga have a summer house in Norddeich and we were able to spend quite a bit of time with them. Siggi renamed Kai Knut, after the baby polar bear who was born in the Berlin zoo three months ago.

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We have been dodging the bad weather for our entire trip and the sunny days were few and far between. We did get lucky though and we were able to make a rain-free trip to Greetsiel, a small fishing town on the North Sea, and to Norderney, an island off of the coast. Kai has been extremely cooperative with all of our plans and hasn’t complained much despite the fact that he has a little cold and that he has managed to sprout 6!!!!! teeth during the last three weeks. He is particularly fond of beaches and playing in the sand. On Norderney, we found a lovely spot on the beach where he was able to hang out and play endless with the sand. He is not at all shy and when he sees other kids playing he jumps right in.

After our week in Norden, we headed to Cuxhaven with Conny and Karsten. Before his death last year, Andreas’ father lived in Cuxhaven near his two sisters, Lieselotte and Helga. Cuxhaven is also on the North Sea and is right at the mouth of the river Elbe which leads to Hamburg. As Hamburg is a large port, there is constantly a stream of container ships heading in that direction. Cuxhaven also has a beach which was probably Kai’s favourite. The water is very shallow and at low tide there are kilometers of sand flats. It doesn’t get much better for a baby. He spent hours digging in the sand and playing with other kids. He was so tired that he suddenly got up from the sand, walked towards me and promptly collapsed into sleep in the small beach tent which we had. Haven’t seen that before.

During our excuration we ate tonnes of North Sea fish. The most well-known type of fish is herring (Matjes) which is prepared in several different ways. It is always served with boiled potatoes which makes it a favourite dish for Andreas.

Now we are back in Hamburg where we are going to spend our last days in Germany relaxing before the trip home on Saturday. It is raining but we are happy to have an excuse to do nothing for a change. All of us are a bit tired and now looking forward to getting home and seeing some sunshine and Pixel of course.


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