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The First Week in Hamburg — The Story

Andreas has added some photos of our first week in Hamburg. As you can see, Kai has been enjoying himself a lot. His favourite outing so far was the trip the Elbe, which is the river which runs through Hamburg. The water was warm and there were lots of kids playing in the river so he immediately understood that he needed to be in the water. We couldn’t keep him from sitting down in the water fully clothed. He was screaming and laughing with joy. This bodes well for our trip to the North Sea!

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We have also travelled into the big city twice on the S-Bahn (regional train). Kai has managed to find friends on every trip and some rowdy drunken soccer fans even gave him a present. He has tried to give away his saliva-ridden pretzels and baby cookies to anyone who sat next to us, but so far there haven’t been any takers. In downtown Hamburg, we have made sure to stop at our favourite Wurst (Sausage) stand and get a Thuringer Bratwurst. Christiane has played the role of stylist and has advised Andreas and me on our clothing purchases, the most exciting of which was my wedding outfit which we found today. It is just the right mix of casual and special occasion. You’ll have to wait for a year however for the big unveiling!

All of the playgrounds in the neighbourhood have been thoroughly investigated and we have made a few friends there too. We have been bike riding with Omi and Omi has been very patient about the destruction which Kai causes on a daily basis in her apartment. Bit by bit all of the low lying shelves have been cleaned out. Kai’s eating habits have not improved greatly, although Andreas has learned several new tricks to get food into Kai’s mouth. Mostly, Kai has been eating sausage, although today we discovered that he also likes pretzels. Every new discovery like that is a big thrill for us because it means one more type of food which we can effortlessly feed the little guy. Although I must say that Kai is missing out because the baby food here is far more sophisticated than in Canada. He has yet to touch the baby risotto with tender organic turkey or the tagiatelli with spinach and cheese sauce.

Tomorrow we are going to the swimming pool and then on Sunday we are going into the ‘country’ to visit Christiane’s husband Fritz for a barbeque. Conny and Karsten are then going to drive us to Kiel to their house where Kai has a week to rearrange all of their furniture.

As for me, the German immersion is going well and I pretty much picked up where I left off. It’s a little bit hard to write in English because my brain is now in German mode. Ja. So bis spaeter…

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