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The Big Trip
Well, we are only two days away now from our big trip to Germany. We are so excited, it is unbelievable. Andreas’ mom has planned the whole trip for us, which is so very much appreciated. We will be spending time in Hamburg, Kiel (where Andreas’ sister lives), Norden (a town on the North Sea), and Cuxhaven (where Andreas’ father lived and where his two aunts still live). I have created a map for you to see where these places are here.

Roots of Empathy

We said good-bye last week to our Roots of Empathy classes — both the one that I teach and the one where Kai is the baby-star. It was quite an experience to do the program from both perspectives. I learned a lot about kindergarten-aged children and Kai had the best time being the centre of attention for the Grade Ones. We also went to a baby celebration for all of the Roots of Empathy babies in Edmonton. Photos of all of these exciting events are here.


As always, Andreas and I manage to keep busy. When I finished my school work, we decided that we had to get busy planning our wedding for next summer. Because our families live so far away we had to get this taken care of before we went to Germany. We have been having a tough time finding a good spot. Obviously we wanted to get married in the mountains, but we couldn’t find a lodge that suited our needs. One was for sale and they couldn’t commit, another was too small, others were too big. Finally, someone recommended that we look at Waterton, a small town in the Southern Alberta Rockies. We decided to drive down there this past weekend to check it out. It was a bit insane as it is a 6 hour drive from Edmonton, but it was worth it. We found a small lodge that can accommodate our families and a good place for our reception (actually the Waterton school which is no longer in use). We are so relieved to have that off our backs. Now we can begin all of the other fun planning. (Photos of our trip to Waterton to come shortly).

In other news, it looks like Kai is going to come back from Germany with about 6 new teeth. They are all on the verge of erupting now and I’m just crossing my fingers that it doesn’t happen when we are travelling. Kai is getting into everything these days and his favourite new skill is climbing. He is actually quite talented at it and looks very patiently for foot holds. Andreas has been letting him climb into the car by himself and now you are NOT allowed to just put him in his car seat. He wants to climb! His two favourite words are “up” and “ooof” and a third word is emerging “Uwe” after the pig Uwe in his favourite book. I’m sure that he will learn some German words when we are there.

We have posted some miscellaneous photos here.

I promise to try to update the blog regularly when we are away. Much easier than sending e-mails!


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