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Fresh from the zoo

We are now back in Hamburg after spending a week with Conny and Karsten in Kiel.

It was a lovely week. Conny and Karsten bought a house in January and this was our first chance to see it. It is beautiful little house with a great back yard. Kai was especially happy with the backyard which he got to enjoy only intermittantly. The weather has been terrible since we arrived — it has rained practically every day and we have been carefully planning our excursions to make sure that we don’t get soaked.

Despite the rain, we managed to do long bike ride with Conny and Karsten and Kai got to check out the locks at the entry of the canal between the Baltic and North Seas. We cycled through some beautiful German farms and over a big bridge. Both Andreas and I are feeling fitter now that we have started jogging.

Kai also got to check out the zoo in Kiel. There were lots of unusual animals including a giant donkey and lots of little baby pigs. I had a good laugh when they brought a jar of leberwurst back from the zoo made from some of the zoo’s cutest residents. I pointed out that Canadians wouldn’t necessarily be excited at the idea of buying leberwurst ‘fresh from the zoo’ as the jar proclaimed. We had a good laugh. I guess Germans are less sentimental about animals.

Kai has been loving all of the excitement and has been collecting toys left, right and centre. We are going to need a moving truck to get to the airport. He has also been teething like mad and now has a molar and three new front teeth. Everything all at once!

Tomorrow we are off to Norden for our sea vacation. Weather doesn’t look great, but we will enjoy it nonetheless.


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