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The Deep Freeze

As Andreas mentioned in an earlier post, winter came to Edmonton early this year. Well, actually the natives tell us that it is no earlier than usual, it is just that we really had a mild winter last year.

So for the past week, it has snowed and snowed and snowed and it was GASP! -40 with the wind chill. This has had serious repercussions for Kai and me as we have been housebound for the last week. But things are warming up now and it was a balmy -10 today. As you can see, we took Kai out for his first ski trip. It was a bit hit!

We were in Vancouver two weeks ago and I promise that I will get around to posting those photos soon. It was a great trip — the only down side was that it was hard for us to come back to Edmonton. However, our outlook is much brighter after we experienced the excellent cross-country skiing today.

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