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Still in Ontario hanging out with my parents and Rachel and Austin. I’m just recovering from a bout with the stomach flu which Austin and Brayden also had. Let’s just hope that the baby doesn’t get it!

He laughs!
Kai is really blossoming these days. He is becoming a very happy baby and he hardly cries. He is almost rolling over and he is starting to laugh! It is not quite clear what gets him going, but he has had a couple of really good chuckles in the last few days.

I’m still quite tired, but my life is substantially easier since the breastfeeding sorted itself out. We have now been breastfeeding relatively pain free for a month. I’m so, so relieved and it is just so much more convenient than formula.

Out of the mouth of babes into family legend…

Nicole was very interested in Baby Kai and Little Austie and she kept saying to me “Look at Kai’s little feet, they’re so cute. Look at Kai’s little ears, they’re so cute.” She then said to Rachel, “I like Austie’s penis. It’s so little.” Poor Austie. Poor Nicole. They are going to hear about this for the rest of their lives.

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