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The last few weeks have been incredibly busy. My mom left on the 24th of June and Andreas’ mom, sister and brother-in-law arrived on the 26th.

We have spent the last week showing Andreas’ family around Edmonton and Jasper. Kai was for the most part happy to participate in all of the excursions, but on our final day in Jasper he decided that he had had enough and we experienced the wrath of Kai. He was cranky and sensitive the whole day and was not happy unless I was holding him. Poor guy — I guess that learning German, sitting in a car sear all day long and seeing his first mountains were too much for one visit!

In Other News…
Big congratulations to Andreas. Not only did he turn 40 a few days ago, but he also found out that he has received a big research grant ($300,000). This is very good news indeed as it means that he can now get down to actually doing research and he doesn’t have to spend all of his time writing proposals.

Meanwhile, the breastfeeding saga continues. Right from the beginning I have found the breastfeeding to be extremely painful. I can manage a couple of feeds, but the pain increases with every subsequent feed. A lacation consultant recommended a nipple shield to us which we have been using somewhat successfully. The problem with the nipple shield, however, is that the little guy doesn’t get enough milk when I use it. So… I also have to pump after every feed in order to top him up. We saw a breastfeeding specialist two weeks ago and basically the problem lies with an imcompatibility between my breasts and Kai’s mouth. All we can do is slowing get my breasts used to being mashed by the little guy. It is a slow process and there are times when I am really frustrated and think that I should give it up. But then I think about how convenient it will be once we get over this rough patch…

Conny and Karsten (Andreas’ sister and brother-in-law) have left now and Christiane (Andreas’ mom will be staying with us for all of July. Good thing as the extra help is really appreciated and it will give me time to try to sort out our breastfeeding problems.

Pixel’s big night out
Pixel had a big, big adventure about a week ago. I got up to do a late night feed with the baby and I noticed suddenly that Pixel wasn’t hanging around like she normally does. I started to look for her and she was nowhere to be found. I woke Andreas up and we could not find her anywhere. I was really panicking as all we could figure was that she had jumped off the balcony. We had been letting Pixel play unattended on the balcony as she had never shown any interest in jumping or getting over the railing. Hmmmm…

OK, so this is a lesson we have now learned. I was devastated when we couldn’t find her and I kept waking up and going out on the balcony to look for her. Sure enough at 6 am the next morning I looked down and there was a very traumatized Pixel looking up at me. Andreas ran out to get her — she was very happy to see him. She survived her fall (we live on the second floor) without a scratch, but she agrees with us that the balcony isn’t such a great place for her anymore…

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