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And what about Pixel?


Pixel helping with the diaper change

When we announced that we were going to get a kitten several months before Kai was due, several people mentioned to us that it could possibly be dangerous as cats were known to have smothered babies in their cribs. This is of course an urban myth. Nevertheless, Pixel wasn’t exactly thrilled when we brought Baby Kai home from the hospital.

Before the baby was born, Pixel had grown incredibly attached to me especially during the two weeks when Andreas was in Germany. She wasn’t interested in affection from Andreas at all, but she was all over me. When I was sitting down, she would climb up my belly and fling herself over my shoulder purring several times a day.

When we brought home Kai, Pixel was ecstatic to see me until she noticed what was in the car seat. First she ignored the baby completely and wouldn’t go anywhere near him. A few days later she hissed at him — I guess she figured he was invading her territory. As she has now assessed the danger risk (minimal), she is getting more friendly and she will sniff Kai’s face, something which she does to both Andreas and me.

As I spend a good deal of my time feeding the baby, Pixel has transferred a lot of her affection to Andreas. Of course, Andreas is her absolute favourite playmate as he is always inventing new games for her. Plus Pixel has discovered the joy of baby toys which are suspiciously like cat toys. One small green teddy bear has been coopted by Pixel and she carries it around in her mouth like a mouse.

Pixel and the green teddy

And much to Pixel’s glee, the presence of the baby has sufficiently distracted us enough to allow her to win the battle for the kitchen counters for once and for all. Before the baby arrived, we had been squirting her with the water bottle every time she jumped on the counter in our presence. It was a constant battle as there was food and activity going on on that counter and Pixel wanted to be a part of it. She was always trying to get up there. Now when I am on the couch breastfeeding and she knows I’m trapped, she will get up on the counter, look at me and yawn. She knows she’s won.

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