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After a really good feed

I was commenting to Andreas today about how physical the experience of motherhood is for me (and every mother, I’m sure). Yesterday afternoon, right on schedule, my milk came in. It was amazing as all of a sudden my breasts expanded like balloons and were leaking milk.

Unfortunately, the down side to this was that Kai could no longer latch on properly. Apparently this is quite common. So we had a horrible night last night whereby he fussed and basically didn’t get enough to eat. It was hard on both of us, but Andreas was terrific and calmed the baby down between our attempted feeds.

And fortunately we had arranged an appointment with a lactation consultant today. I knew from all of my friends and my sisters that getting started with breast feeding can be difficult so I wanted to make sure that we kept on top of everything. It was just lucky that our appointment was today of all days. In any case, she set us up and gave us some tips and the little guy had his belly full in no time. He was one happy baby and that made us also very happy.

Passed out on the floorWhile we were waiting for the lactation consultant to arrive, little Kai was fussing and Andreas put him on the floor to check his diaper. Two seconds later, the little guy was passed out.


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